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Suffa Online Quran Academy has proved itself as one of the well recognize online teaching institute worldwide. Suffa is a place in the Masjid-e-Nabawi. When the Holy prophet Muhammad (PBUH) migrated from Makkah-Madina, suffa was the Islamic institute for the companions of our prophet. This was a beautiful place and a perfect location to achieve inner peace and spiritual serenity. 
So you will get such kind of education here at the Suffa Online Quran Academy because with the rapid increase of our religion now-days, it has become our prime responsibility to fulfill the basic requirements of our new comers to Islam and to whom as well who are already in Islam.

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Online Quran and Arabic Courses

Noorani Qiada is the basic course for all those who want to learn Quran with Tajweed at the first time. In this course, you will learn about Arabic alphabets and it’s pronunciation methods in a very short time.

It is the course start after the completion of Qaida Noorania. In this course, you will learn how to Read Quran with Tajweed and with proper pronunciation in Arabic by looking in the Quran under the guidance of expert teachers at your home.

You can memorize the Holy Quran verse by verse and finally you will be able to Memorize the whole Quran in short time. Because we have introduced a very fast and successful way for Quran Memorization

One can understand the Holy Quran by learning the meanings of the Quranic worlds one by one withit’s complete explanation with the help of qualified Islamic scholars.

Learning the Basic knowledge of Islam and teaching it to our kids is very essential for us. Suffaquran has prepared a very comprehensive and concise online Islamic teachings courses.

One can learn Arabic Language online with Native Arab teachers under the modern and advanced level. Here you can learn Quranic Arabic, Arabic Language and Arabic Grammar.

Connect your kids with Suffa Quran
 Learn Quran and Islamic Lessons online with Egyptian teachers.

Online Quran & Islamic Lessons at SuffaQuran

As it is the responsibility as a Muslim parent to guide and teach our kids the basic Islamic education and Quran with Tajweed courses. But due to busy schedule, most of them can’t easily deal with this basic obligation. That’s why to cover this issue SuffaQuran offers the online Quran and Arabic courses for kids and adults worldwide.

Suffa Online Quran Academy is the pioneer and best online Quran teaching institute by providing online Quran and Islamic Tutoring services worldwide. We hire highly qualified male and female Quran teachers and Islamic scholars from Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and USA as well. Therefore our Online Quran Teaching is preferred by a large number of Muslim parents especially those living in non-Muslim countries.

Suffa Online Quran Academy is focusing on the quality education and we prefer quality Base training for teachers because of the fact that it is online Quran Tutoring. A quality teacher can deliver the lessons of the Quran in a best way. We use the latest technology where the teacher and student can interact with each other as they are in classroom.

No matter, what your age is and where you are living, but if you didn’t get a chance learn how to read Quran, register now for easy online Quran classes with flexible schedule in a very short time. All you need to start learning these classes is just a Laptop or iPad or PC, internet connection and latest version of Skype.      

Online Quran Academy, KPK, Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi

Why Suffa Quran?​

Flexible Schedule 24/7

You and your kids have the opportunity to take the classes anytime and anywhere according to your availability because our Online Quran Teachers are available 24/7.

Curriculum Schedule

Before the classes time, our teachers make their lessons plan and have designed the ready-made curriculums for Quran and Arabic learning students of all levels.

Affordable Fee Schedule

We provide courses with low cost as compaired to other Academies. Moreover, we offer discount for low income family and sibling concession as weel, for more details click here

Female Quran Tutors

For Kids, sisters and daughters, we have certified best female Quran teachers who can speak English, Urdu and Arabic. They are available 24/7 to teach you at your suitable timing.

Supervision of Teachers

We have hired a supervisor for controlling and managing time of the classes and to look how teachers are taking the classes at all.

Money Back Guarantee

Now you can register your kids and see the progress in a month otherwise if you are not satisfied with our online Quran teaching services, get your payment back.


What Parents and Students should say About Suffa Quran?

I can only recommend Suffaquran for all those parents who need online Quran and Islamic classes for their kids. Alhamdulillah my 3 children are being taught since 2018, one kid completed the Holy Quran and reamining two are in progress.
We are very happy with Suffa Online Quran Academy and teachers are very professional, patient and soft spoken. Suffaquran is amazing and the teachers are always giving parents update, it’s wonderful program. Thank you very much, May Allah reward you for it. Ameen
Aimal Khan
- Maidstone kent, UK
I struggled many times to learn Quran but i couldn’t succeed in it due to busy time schedule. Before a few months I joined suffaquran. When I look the trial classes, i found it helpful and amazing therefore I started the classes at Suffa Online quran Academy.
At the beginning I had no idea but now Alhamdulillah I can read my lesson very well with the help of professional and expert teachers of suffaquran. The classes are focused around the student’s need and run in an amicable atmosphere. I recommend suffaquran for all those who are really interested to learn Quran and Islamic lessons online under the full supervision of the teachers.
- Birmingham, UK

SuffaQuran - Fee Structure


Cost Per Month

30 Minutes each class

08 Classes per Month

3 Days Weekly

Cost Per Month

30 Minutes each class

12 Classes per Month

4 Days Weekly

Cost Per Month

30 Minutes each class

16 Classes per Month

5 Days Weekly

Cost Per Month

30 Minutes each class

20 Classes per Month