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If you want to start a Quranic online journey, you’ve found the best Quran academy online.

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According to the responsibilities of modern life, it’s difficult for you to dedicate yourself to studying the Quran every time. Also, take care of your children’s Quran lessons properly. With that said, you don’t need to be frustrated and distract yourself anymore. We persuade you that SuffaQuran is your best option. Where you can learn Quran online with Tajweed conveniently.

According to the challenges Muslim parents faced for their children, how to make them Quran-educated in today’s era. We accept this responsibility and have devoted ourselves to making an accessible, interactive, and thorough Quran online academy for you. Also, to give you the Qur'an online courses with brevity if you have a busy schedule.

Online Quran Academy Lessons with Best Quran Teachers

New to Quran courses? Read our well-designed and featured courses. Expand your Quran knowledge with qualified Quran tutors by joining online Quran institutes. In a Muslim center, if you want to get in touch with the Quran program through live Quran classes, you need to focus on:

Learning Resources

We have well-prepared Quran learning materials with courses outlined. These lessons are set for learners of all ages to provide you with the Quran in an online interactive mood with ease.

Qualified Staff

We hire Professional and passionate Quran teachers after evaluating their communication skills and their accents with students. They prepare lesson plans for you before starting your online Quran class.


We provide a smooth, safe, and pleasant Islamic environment for students. Where they feel like learning the Quran in a physical class. We ensure to have good experience while learning with SuffaQuran. 

Join this Darul Quran (Quran house) to gain complacency in your life.

Featured Courses

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Why Choose Us?

What makes Suffa Quran The Best Quran Academy?

Community & Support

Questions? Ask our customer support team via live chat 24/7. We‘re always happy to help you.

Evaluations Report

We’re not only teaching and managing Quran classes. But, we provide your monthly progress as well.

Safety & Security

The safety of students is our first priority. Your personal information is secure at SuffaQuran. Feel free to contact us.

Online Panel

Having a learning management system for our e-Quran institute. Where, you can check lessons, quizzes, assignments, learning materials, and payment records easily.

Affordable Tuition Fee

We’ve very affordable Quran learning fees for you as compared to your English schools.

Refund Policy

If you leave SuffaQuran for any reason after your registration, we will refund the amount.

Quran Online Enrollment in three easy steps:

Step 1.

Visit the Contact page, fill out the form, or call us.

Step 2.

Take Your Free Trial at your schedule.

Step 3.

Sign Up for any regular Quran course and pay.

Get a certificate on the course completion successfully.

What do we Live for?

Our Aim

At SuffaQuran, we’re all thinking about students’ lessons. Because, our basic aim is to enrich your lives with Quran knowledge by offering an interactive, affordable, and accessible way of learning at home.

Our Vision

To be our users’ (students & parents) most convenient, trusted, and best Quran learning online institute.To fulfill their needs of courses related to the Quran, tajweed, Islamic, Arabic, and Seerah.

Our Mission

To make Quran online learning simple, secure, and pleasant.

About Us

We Are SuffaQuran

  • SuffaQuran is a DarulUloom (house of Quran). And, our institute is based in the UK and Pakistan. But, we’re spreading the Quran verses across the globe nearly in 70 countries. Including, the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Denmark, Norway, Qatar, Germany, Italy, Sweden, France, Singapore, Spain, and UAE.
  • We hire Arab and Non-Arab male & female multilingual Quran teachers, Arab tutors, tajweed tutors and Islamic scholars from a prestigious and recognized Islamic institute/university.
  • We’ve divided and finally designed well 15+ courses in different categories like Quran, Tajweed, Arabic, and Islamic lessons. With the purpose to make them easily accessible.
  • We provide free Quran online classes at your desired time for kids, adults, and ladies aged +4-70. As there is no age restriction, it’s better to start earlier.


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We are always happy to help you through Learning the Quran Online. Professional male and female Arab Quran tutors tell you exactly what you need to do to learn the Quran, Islam, Tajweed, and Arabic online at home.

If you want to get quality Quran education online, SuffaQuran is your best option.