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Learn Quran Online with SuffaQuran through its wide network of best Quran Teachers and Islamic Scholars.

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Some Competitive Features

Flexible Schedule 24/7

As a professional team, our online Quran teachers are available 24/7. Therefore, it is a great opportunity for you and your kids to take online Quran classes any time of the day.

Money Back Guarantee

You can get your payment back as a refund if you are not satisfied with our teachers while taking the online quran classes for a month. For details, visit Refund Policy.

Affordable Tuition Fee

All our services are competitive and we also offer concessions on a family packages and a discount for the less privileged. So now with SuffaQuran, it has never been easier to learn Quran online.

Qualified Quran Teachers

SuffaQuran does not compromise upon the selection criteria of its teachers. All our Male and Female Online Quran Academy teachers are well trained expert, and certified for delivering best online Quran education to kids and adults.

Authentic & Suitable Curriculum

Curriculum is designed with focus on learning basic Islamic teachings where the classes follow a pre-defined lesson plan. Training programs are outlined for teachers with lessons ready-made for better online Quran learning experience.

Certificate of Appraisal

On the successful completion of a course, SuffaQuran issues a certificate of the appraisal to all students. Which shows our student’s ability and surety for completion of the corresponding courses.

In This Modern Age of
Latest Technologies!

“Learn Quran Online” is the Basic Need of our Lives.

I Love SuffaQuran: You will find it better than you think.

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About Us
Who Are We?

About Online Quran Academy

We understand that for many families living in Non-Muslim countries, there are literally no facilities available for the children to learn Quran with Tajweed and as well as many other Islamic lessons. We recognize the need for online Quran education platform. And as a Muslim parent, it is our responsibility to teach our children the basics of the Quran and Islam. Due to this, we have started many online services for our Muslim daughters, brothers, and sisters.

SuffaQuran is more concerned about quality of education rather than anything else. This is a pioneer and well know online Islamic platform. Our online Quran classes are preferred by a large number of Muslim parents living in UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Qatar, Norway, and many other countries across the world. We have highly qualified male and female Quran teachers and Islamic scholars who graduated from the well known Islamic institutes and Islamic universities belong to Egypt, Jordan, USA, Saudia Arab, and Pakistan as well. They can teach and guide your kids in English, Urdu, Arabic, Punjabi, Hindi, and Pashto.

We have a relationship with the first institute of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) called Suffa, situated next to the Masjid Nabwi. The prophet deemed the need for an institute of education. People who migrated from different places of the Arabic peninsula, subject to regular learning for increasing their spiritual level. The place allotted to them was name Suffa and students of Suffa are called Ahl-e-Suffa.

Our aim to provide quality education for all. To deliver the knowledge of the Quran, Sharia’s principles, and Hadiths of the prophet to the whole world. We have an interactive online environment just like you fell yourself in a physical class. We offer 1-1 live sessions for more and strong attention to students. We ensure that your classes will be monitored by the Admin of SuffaQuran which helps you to find student’s attendance, test marks, and monthly progress.

About Online Quran Academy

How Does Our
Online Classes Work?

As a professional team available 24/7 that’s why when you submit the form for free trials, our representative will get back to you soon via email or phone call to schedule your trial classes according to your convenience with one of our qualified teachers.

All you need to start learning any one course is just a Laptop/Computer/iPad and internet connection. We are taking these online Quran classes via skype and zoom. These are one-one classes where only a teacher can take the class with only one student for 30 or 45 minutes according to the plan.

On the successful completion of free trials, if you’re fully satisfied with our teachers, time management, and curriculum then you will be asked to get registered for permanent and regular classes by paying a monthly subscription.

Don’t wait for tomorrow which may never come, join us today to learn easily and quickly.

Except for those who believe and do righteous deeds, for they will have a reward uninterrupted.
Quran Ch 95:6-6

Suffa Quran Offers Basic
Classes to Learn Quran Online

Learn Qaida Noorania Online

Qaida Noorania Online

Learn Quran Reading

Learn Quran Reading

Online Quran Memorization

Online Quran Memorization

Online Tafseer Quran

Online Tafseer Quran

Online Islamic Teaching

Online Islamic Teaching

Learn Arabic Language

Learn Arabic Language

Connect Your Children with Suffa Quran

You can join us for Three Days demonstration classes anytime.

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Frequently Asked

We use and provide services worldwide. Because most of the Muslims like and recommend these courses around the world due to their busy schedule. That’s why most students apply from UK, USA, CANADA, AUS, QATAR, DENMARK, NORWAY, etc.

Yes, getting education related to Quran and Islamic lessons online at home is helpful  because of

  • Time-Saving: Time waste if parents pick and drop their kids to an Islamic center. Your time will save in these online Quran Classes.
  • Money-Saving: Monthly expenditure is a burden also over parents when they pick and drop daily. The money will save and save in online classes.
  • Quality-classes: Parents are not sure that how they learn, who teach them and what their lesson’s history. You can check all when starting online classes.

You don’t need any computer expertise for these classes. Our tutors will guide you through the basic installation of software. Within two minutes you will be able to take your classes easily.

Yes, you can choose time and days for FREE Trials and also for regular classes because our teachers are responsible and available 24 hours at all seven days. We give priority to your decision.

We accept payment through the online system and offline too.

  • Online-System: We use 2checkout for online payment which is a helpful and easy method for clients.
  • Offline-System: We can also accept payment through MONEY GRAM, WESTERN  UNION, RIA, etc.
  • Bank-IBAN: Use safe methods to send us fee easily through Internationa Bank Account Number- IBAN

Due to any serious problem, if your teacher absences he must inform you 30 minutes before starting your classes. OR our representative team will contact you about the teacher’s absence.

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Online Quran Education Monthly Packages with
Affordable Tuition Fee

2 Days Weekly
8 Classes Monthly
Time: 30 minutes
Cost per Month
$55 AUD
$40 USD
£ 30 GBP
3 Days Weekly
12 Classes Monthly
Time: 30 minutes
Cost per Month
$ 70 AUD
$ 50 USD
£ 40 GBP
4 Days Weekly
16 Classes Monthly
Time: 30 minutes
Cost per Month
$ 90 AUD
$ 65 USD
£ 50 GBP
5 Days Weekly
20 Classes Monthly
Time: 30 minutes
Cost per Month
$ 110 AUD
$ 75 USD
£ 60 GBP