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Suffa Online Quran Academy is more concerned about quality education than anything else. Because nowadays its the modern age of latest technologies where all the parents want to be everything qualitative and professional.  However, we do have different ways to ensure the familiar live learning platform for you and your kids. Because most of the parents have no idea of a good Quran teacher and conventional online Islamic institute and especially they don’t have trust upon everyone but whenever someone had joined us, they recommended our services for other Muslim families too because of the Islamic environment based on the quality education.

Just join us and see what we offer? How do we offer? When do we offer? What you will learn?  How you will learn? Will increase your spiritual level?  All these answers you will find when apply by joining FREE three days of trial classes.

A professional team of Islamic scholars and engineers has established the Suffa Online Quran Academy. They have hired high qualified, experienced, and professional male and female Quran teachers from Egypt, USA, UK, Saudia Arab, Jordan, AUS, and Pakistan as well.  They graduated from well known Islamic universities and Islamic centers of the world. With the irreconcilable dedication to quality, our team has produced an international standard of education where the teachers can deliver the lessons in a very professional manner in different languages like Arabic, English, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, Pashto.

The teachers at your convenient time. They have ready-made lessons material because before starting the classes, they make the lesson plan for all students. Without a lesson plan, they are not allowed to take the classes. Just join us and see how they are in reality.

On the successful completion of the corresponding course, you can get a certificate. You are at the right place if you are looking for online Quran classes because of the quality education, supervision over teachers, and the best curriculum of our Islamic center. At Suffa Online Quran Academy you may learn the following:

On the stipulation of students and parents, we may offer a wide range of other courses also. Get registered your kids for three days of free trial classes. We try our best to deliver 100% right and real services. Our patient and professional team guide the parents on how to download and install the software and especially help with beginners. Therefore, SuffaQuran gives opportunities to all interested people who may not miss it.

about Suffa Online Quran Academy

Leading and Pioneer
Online Quran Academy

Quality Based Training

Arab and Non-Arab teachers

Certificate of Appraisal

Monthly Students Record

Monitoring System & Schedule

This is the duty of the supervisor Where he looks all around the teachers to record all classes of every student to find out the class’s timing. And what teachers have delivered and students learned on daily basis.

Monthly Test Data

We inform all students that they should be ready for appearing in monthly tests at the end of every month for the purpose of what and how he or she had learned in the previous month and the whole record would be hand over to all parents.

Comparison of Results

By comparing the current and previous records of the students, we find out marks percentage of all students that how much improvement occurs in their grooming and spiritual level. All families and parents can withdraw their kids if they did not find improvement.

Our Mission

SuffaQuran’s purpose is transferring the quality education of the Quran in short intervals and it’s implementation in the Muslim’s lives. By reaching, we teach them the factors upon which the real success depends by improving their spiritual level.

We explain the simple and real lifestyle of our prophet (PBUH) and the reasons of his successful life. And our students will be able to guide other people in their relatives, friends, or family members.

Suffa Online Quran Academy Mission
Suffa Online Quran Academy Vision

Our Vision

Our first imagination to deliver Islam as only the right and peaceful religion of the world. Our first aim to recite and teach the holy Quran with correct pronunciation, meaning, and explanation all around the world.

Delivering the Hadiths of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to all Muslims. Spreading Shariah Principles to each and every country.

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