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Frequently Asked Questions

This is the web base meeting and audio and video software enable students to interact with real life teachers from any computer/laptop/I-pad. We guide the students about computer use and they will also be able to learn the Holy Quran effectively and Islamic lessons online with an interesting way with the help of our teachers.

Yes, It’s very helpfull for because this is the time of modern technologies and most of the parents don’t like to go their kids outside from home for learning education therefore online teaching is more effective for those.

This is the duration of time in which only one teacher taught the lesson to one student. These classes are very effective, trust full, engaging, attentive and useful for all learners.

  • A Laptop, PC, ipad or Smart phone.
  • Internet connection
  • Skype, Zoom,team viewer using for audio/video chat.

You don’t need any computer expertise for these classes; our tutors will guide you through the basic installation of software’s. Within two minutes you will be online for class.

  • Family Package: 15% Discount for Families.
  • Low-income Families: 10% discount for those who can’t afford full fee.

Duration of One-One class in 30 minutes for each student. It can be increased up to 60 minutes at some cases and it’s also depending upon the courses which a student wants to learn.  

All our courses are ready-made and have best curriculum system of our academy. Professional tutors deliver best courses therefore all students have enough Islamic knowledge.

As our tutors are responsible and available 24 hour at all seven days, therefore you can take your intials and regulars lessons online at your home at your convenient time.

It depends upon the number of classes taken in a month. For adults, it will take around about 6/8 months. For children, it may will take long time than adults which depends upon their competency and support of parents.

Yes, you can take because we explained and ready-made our courses which a child of six years up to elderly person can learn easily. We provide services for all level.

Due to any serious problem, if you missed a class then our tutors will take make up class at late time when regular classes finished. Another teacher can also take your make up class according to the availability.

In case of illness or other serious problems of teachers, before your class time we will inform you. On the other hand, if the teacher is come even 5 min late, you can contact us.