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The Benefits of Online Islamic Education


The first thing that comes to our mind when we hear or read about the word education is “to gain knowledge.” Education is a basic method that provides people with skills, information, communication, knowledge. Education encourages us to fulfill the duties of our family, society, as well as the nation.


Education is of two types. One education is for this world called educationists, the second education which is called Islamic education is for both this world and the hereafter. seeking knowledge is mandatory for both men and women. Islamic education is the basic need for our Muslim Ummah. Islamic education relies on the Holy Quran. In the Quran, Allah also mentioned the importance of seeking education.

Quran repeatedly gives prominence to the importance of education which is the supreme source of guidance for the Muslim. The below verse that I mentioned is prominent in the importance of education. “Oh, Allah! Increase me in knowledge” [20:114]


As we all know that the Internet has become the most advanced level of communication in today’s world. One of the most remarkable Internet advancement is online education. Online education is a form of education where students learn anything by sitting in their homes. They can easily learn anything they want from their computers through the internet.

In many Non-Muslim countries, many Muslim students suffer from a lack of good Islamic tutors or scholars. The online Islamic education system makes it easy for those Muslims who are suffering from the lack of Islamic tutors or also for those who want to learn from home. The Internet makes it easy for the students to read the Quran, Sunnah, and the teachings of Islam.

Many Islamic institutions, and also experienced Islamic tutors are teaching online Quran throughout the world which is the best source of learning online Islamic education. Our prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) stated that; “The best among the Muslims are those who learn and teach the Quran” [Sahi Bukhari]. The above narration also shows the importance of Islamic education. There are many benefits of online Islamic education. Some of the key points of online Islamic education are:

  • Time flexibility (Time and days would be on students’ choice).
  • Professional tutors (Hire qualified teachers all over the world).
  • Affordability (Almost everyone can afford it easily).
  • Punctuality (Teacher available before 5 minutes of his/her class time).

Online Islamic education offers many facilities and has many benefits for students.

  1. Time-saving: Time management plays a great role in Online education. In online classes, parents have no need to pick and drop the children at an Islamic center so parent’s and student’s time keep safe because of their busy schedules. Online Islamic education provides flexible timing for the students to manage their Islamic education well.
  2. Money-saving: In Online Islamic classes, parents only pay their monthly fee while in offline classes they need to pick and drop the children daily which is money consuming, and paid monthly fees too which is a burden on parents.
  3. Trustful Classes: In online classes, parents sit with students how he/she learns and what they have taught? Parents can see their result and learning level too and can search his/her previous record too.
  4. No security threats: Students can join and take the classes from their home that’s why they have no need to go outside for learning so that they will be safe. Further, In online Islamic education many professional and skilled full tutors are well known for their Islamic teachings. It can also be very beneficial for students who want to learn online and also for those students who are looking for professional tutors. Online Islamic education is also good for students who avoid going outside because of security issues. As online teachings also provide students the comfortable and one-on-one classes. Since the tutor also focusing on one student so, it gives the student more perfection and the student can easily communicate with their teacher.

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