Wives of Prophet Muhammad

The wives of the Holy Prophet (SAW) are called the  “Ummahat-ul-Momineen”.They are also called  “Azwaj e Mutahirat”. And the Holy Qur’an addresses them as the mothers of the believers. In this case, Allah says in Quran:  “Surely the Prophet has more authority over the Muslims more than their lives, and the wives of the Prophet … Read more

Gog and Majooj

  Many stories happened in the past which are very dreadful and brute. Many nations were tyrant and wild until Allah the Almighty sent someone to end the oppression. One of the well-known stories is of the Gog and Magog (Yajooj and Majooj). Yajooj and Majooj were popular due to their barbaric acts and brutalities. … Read more

Who is Imam Mahdi

Muslims have a firm belief in the day of judgment. The day of judgment is that day when this world is going to be resurrected for judgment. On the day of judgment, Allah will announce punishments and rewards according to one’s acts. Nobody knows about the timing of the Qayamah but our Holy Prophet have … Read more

Shab e Barat

The 15th night of the month of Sha’ban is called Shab-e-Barat. Shab means night, Baraat means salvation, and Shab-e-Barat means the night of deliverance from sins, salvation from sins comes through repentance. This night is also named the night of mercy and the night of forgiveness. On Shab-e-Barat, Muslims repent and by the mercy of … Read more

Salah in Hadiths

Salah is the second most important part of Islam after Tawheed and Risalat. Salah is a spiritual and physical act of worship that is obligatory upon every adult male and female Muslim five times a day.  Just as the body needs physical necessities such as food and water, the soul has spiritual needs.  The needs … Read more

Salah in Quran

Salah, also called namaz, is the second pillar of Islam after the shahada.  Salah is an obligatory and major form of worship that a Muslim offers five times a day regularly. Literally translated, Salah means prayer or supplication. In the Shari’ah term, Salah means the pure way of worshiping and serving Allah Almighty. Which Allah … Read more

Rights of Women Islam

Islam is a manifestation of human nature, according to which all human beings are equal in terms of basic rights. It is the only religion that has taken woman out of humiliation and degraded her and given her the dignity of humanity whereas in other religions before Islam, woman was considered a symbol of humiliation, … Read more

Rights of Parents Islam

Parents are the great blessing of Allah Almighty. They are most precious gift given by Allah. They do a lot of work to provide the necessary food, clothing, shelter and medical care to their children therefore, children should obey the order of parents according to Islam. Parents are the only one this world who loves … Read more

Rights of One Muslim to Another

Islam, by the way, has assigned a number of rights of one Muslim to another.  But the six rights are the most significant. Comes in Hadith Sharif.  The Prophet (SAW) said: “A Muslim has six rights over a Muslim. When you meet him, say salaam. When he calls you, go to him. When he asks … Read more

Rights of Wife Islam

Islam protects the rights of women at every stage of their lives, whether they are wives, daughters, mothers or sisters. Islam has given some rights of wife to husband. According to the financial situation, the husband is responsible for providing food, drink, necessities of life and good accommodation to his wives. So here we are … Read more

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