Muhammad Journey to Taif

Taif is a beautiful valley, fertile gardens and mountains, about forty miles from Makkah. The chiefs of Makkah had built mansions here. And saqeef tribe lived here. As It was a powerful Arab tribe. And the Quraysh also had relations with this tribe. Here three brothers Abdal-Yaleel, Masood and Habib were the chiefs of this tribe.  The 10th year of the Prophet’s resurrection was the month of Shawwal. The Prophet (SAW) arrived here to preach Islam. He was accompanied by Hazrat Zayd bin Haris. Stayed here ten days. He presented the religion of Islam to the people and properties. He visited the houses of the esteemed area and asked them to accept Islam. But everyone showed apathy.

Invitation to Islam  to The Tribal Chiefs:

Eventually, the Prophet (SAW) went to the chiefs of the area, Abdal-Yaleel, Masood and Habib. And he made clear to them the purpose of his coming. But look at the misfortune of these unfortunates that they not only turned down your invitation. But also made fun of you by adopting a very blasphemous attitude.

One said while biting the needle of satire.”If Allah Almighty has sent you as a messenger, I will tear the shroud of the Ka’bah.” The other said, “Did Allah not find anyone other than you whom He sent as a Messenger?” The third said, “I will not speak to you. If you are indeed the Messenger of Allah, as you are saying, then your dignity is far higher than that I should answer you.”If (God forbid) you are a liar, then I should still not talk to you.”

Oppression to The Holy Prophet:

They imposed the idiots and fools of their city on you. They would insult you, make noise. People gathered around. They make two rows on your way. Even Qadmin Sharifin started bleeding. According to another narration, the soles of the feet were filled with blessed blood.

If you ever sat in a hailstorm, the people of Taif would put their hands under your armpits and make you stand up again. When you fell unconscious, Hazrat Zayd bin Haris picked you up. There was some water nearby. So that the blood stains wash. After a while, he regained his composure and there was a garden nearby. And lay down for a while under the shade of the vine. And in the presence of the true God, the devotees became righteous and engaged in prayers and supplications. Your soreness, anguish and pain and the tingling of the wounds created the effect in the cry that made the Throne tremble.

Prophet Muhammad’s  Dua in Taif:

On this occasion, he prayed to Allah:
“O Allah, I complain to You of my helplessness. They want to disgrace me. I also complain to You of this, O Most Merciful of all.” O my Lord, to whom are you handing me over? Who are far from me Who talk to me face to face … O Allah, if you are not angry with me and if you do not blame me. So I don’t care about anything, Lord! Your footsteps are very wide. O Allah, I seek refuge. Lest thy wrath should come upon me, or I should be rebuked. You have to be persuaded and you have to be persuaded until you are satisfied. ‘‘.

The descent of Gabriel Amin and Malik al-Jabal:

Getting up from here, Qarn al-Thaalib was in front of the hill. I looked up and saw a cloud overshadowing you. When I looked at the cloud, there was Gabriel Amin in it. And he said: O Messenger of Allah! Allah has heard and seen, they have acted as you have said. Everyone saw and heard. These are with me Malik al-Jabal (the angel appointed overseeing the mountains). You will comply with the order. Malik al-Jabal submitted: Allah Almighty has sent me. Order whatever you want. I will comply. Order me to combine the mountains on both sides of Makkah and crush all these rude and arrogant people?

Response of Holy Prophet (SAW):

The Holy Prophet said:
“What if these unfortunates did not believe? I am not at all disappointed with their coming generation. I have full faith and trust in Allah that He will create such people in their descendants. Those who believe in the Oneness of Allah and are disgusted with polytheism”.

The Conclusion:

The journey from Taif teaches us that even the most difficult conditions for preaching Islam came. So perseverance and laughter should be tolerated. One should not despair of Allah’s mercy, even if the result of one’s preaching work is not temporary. The fruit of hard work is given by Allah Almighty after some time.

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