Prophet Muhammad Biography

The Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is the last Prophet and founder of Islam. Muhammad (SAW) was sent by Allah Almighty towards whole humanity. He was the only son of Hazrat Abdullah and Hazrat Amna. He belonged to a respectable family of the Quraysh tribe. His family was active in politics and trade.

  Biography of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW)


Muhammad (SAW) Early life

The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was born in the town of Makkah in 571 AD. His Father Hazrat Abdullah died before the birth of Muhammad (SAW). Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was raised by his mother Hazrat Amna. According to the tradition of Makkah at early stage he was nursed by Halima Sadia.

Prophet Muhammad’s mother died When he was six years old. After the death of Hazrat Amna (RA), Muhammad (SAW) was looked after by his grandfather Abdul Mutallib. When Muhammad (SAW) was 8 years old his grand father passed away.

After the death of his grandfather, He grew up by his  uncle Abu-Taalib. In his teens sometimes he traveled with trading Caravan. Most of his early life was spent as a merchant. Due to his pure character, merchants give him the title of Sadiq and Amin, the one who is trustfull.

Marriage with Hazrat Khadija

Hazrat Khadija was a merchant too in Makkah. In the age of 20 years, Muhammad (SAW) started work for Hazrat Khadijah who were 15 years his senior and soon she impressed by the honesty of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW). She sent him the message of marriage. He accepted the proposal and over the years spent a happy life with her At the time of marriage, prophet Muhammad’s age was 25 years while Khadija’ age was 40 years. Six children were born to them, two sons who (couldn’t alive) and died in infancy, and four daughters.

Muhammad Receives First Revelation and preaching of Islam

Most of the tribes living in Arab was nomadic. Most tribes were worshipping their own set of gods. Hazarat Muhammad (SAW) was very religious. Once a day he was busy in the worship of Allah in a cave on the Mount Jabal-aI-Nour. The Angel Gabriel appeared and describe the words of Allah: “Recite in the name of your Lord who creates, creates man from a clot! Recite for your lord is most generous….”

Muhammad (SAW) preached Islam

Hazarat Muhammad started preaching Islam from his home. The first person to believe was his wife, Hazrat Khadija, his close friend Hazrat Abu Bakar Sadique and Hazarat Ali(Prophet Muhammad (SAW)’s cousin) who was a children of few years.

When Hazarat Muhammad(SAW) addressed to the people of Makkah to worship only one Allah. Arab people became enemies of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) as he asked them to leave their Gods. It was very shocked news for them because they were following their religion (to their Gods) for decades. Makkah’s merchants and leaders offered Muhammad (SAW) a huge amount of wealth to abandon his preaching, but he refused.

As Muhammad (SAW) power increased gradually. The strength of Muslims also increased. Muhammad and his followers were first belittled and ridiculed, later they were attacked physically for departing from Makkah. They also made plan to kill Prophet Muhammad (SAW) but Allah saved him.

Migration to Madina

In 622, Muhammad and his few hundred followers migrated to Yathrib (Later renamed Madina), there people were well known for his wisdom to act as their mediator. Soon Yathrib became Madina (the City of the Prophet). Islam spread there rapidly.

The Military Period

The Makkah’s people couldn’t bear Muhammad’s (SAW) success in Madina. Between 624 and 628, the Muslims fight a series of battles for their survival with Makkan’s people( the Battle of Badar, the Battle of Uhud, and the Battle of the Trench and the Siege of Medina). Of those Muslim won the first Battle of Badar, lost the second Battle of Uhad and outlasted the third Battle of the Trench and the Siege of Medina.
In 628 an agreement was signed between two parties. According to which Muslims emerged as a new force in Arab and gave them freedom to move throughout Arabia. After a year Makkies broke this agreement.

The Conquest of Makkah

In 630 Muslims entered in Makkah and conquest it easily. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) forgave all those who opposed him. In this way mostly people of Makkah entered into Islam. Muhammad (SAW) and his followers break down all idols inside and around of Kaabah.

The Death of Muhammad

After performing pilgrimage with thousands of Muslims , Muhammad (SAW) came back to Madina. Three months later he died there in 632. He is buried in Masjid-e-Nabawi in Madina one of the mosques built by Muhammad (SAW).

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