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Islam protects the rights of women at every stage of their lives, whether they are wives, daughters, mothers or sisters. Islam has given some rights of wife to husband. According to the financial situation, the husband is responsible for providing food, drink, necessities of life and good accommodation to his wives. So here we are discussing those rights of a wife in Islam for which a husband is responsible to pay attention and fulfill it. Let’s discuss the basic rights of wife in Islam over husband.


When the marriage in Islam takes place women receive a marital gift called Mahr. This is the first financial right that every wife gets at the time of marriage to her husband. It is the wife’s right imposed on her husband by Allah. Allah says in Qur’an:

“And give the women their Mahr gladly. Then if they happily give you some of the Mahr, then eat from it pure and pleasant”. There is no lower or upper limit imposed on men for the amount of Mahr. However, the man must pay Mahr after the marriage or at the time of marriage.

2)Fair Treatment:

If a husband has more than one wife, then Allah Almighty has commanded the man to treat all wives equally. They must be given equal expenses, clothing and a share of the night. She should be treated with gentleness and kindness so that her heart may be softened. Both have equal rights of respect and obedience. Husbands are obliged to provide all kinds of financial support to their wives. It is so important that if a man is unable to create a financial balance between two wives. Then he is commanded to have only one wife.

3)Rights according to the hadiths:


In this regard, the instructions of the Holy Prophet are noteworthy. The Prophet (SAW) said: “The one among you who has perfect faith is the one whose morals are good.  And the best among you is the one who treats his wife the best.

In another hadith the Holy Prophet said:

Each of you is the guardian of his subjects, and each of you will be questioned about it. Man is the guardian of his wife and will be held accountable. And the wife is the caretaker of her husband’s house, she will be held accountable. “


4)Arrangement of accommodation for wife:

Allah says in Qur’an:

“Keep these women where you live according to your strength”. (Surat al-Talaq: 6)

In this verse, the ruling on divorced women is explained. That the husband is also responsible for arranging their accommodation during ‘iddah. When the Shari’ah has made the husband responsible for the accommodation of divorced women. So, the husband will be responsible for the proper accommodation of the wife as far as possible.

5)Financial Rights:


It is also a man’s responsibility to earn money to run the house. One of the most important practices of a man is to provide halal food for his family by working hard in life. The Holy Prophet said: “And your wife has a right over you.”

The Prophet (SAW) said:”Fear Allah when it comes to women, because you have taken them for the sake of Allah”. [Muslim]

Women have all the property rights over what their husbands gave them as gifts. In Islam, men are not allowed to return all gifts and financial aid provided to their wives, even after divorce.

6)Kind Treatment to wife:

The husband should treat his wife well. Allah Almighty says:“Treat them with kindness, If you dislike them, then maybe you dislike something and Allah will put a lot of goodness in it”.
[Surat al-Nisa ‘: 19]



7)Support during pregnancy and Nursing:


If a man divorces his wife, it is his responsibility to take care of his financial needs during pregnancy and after delivery. He should support her in every way. In Islam, mothers can ask their fathers for the rightful payment if they are breastfeeding their child. Allah says in Qur’an:
“If they are pregnant, keep spending on them. Until they give birth to a child, then if they breastfeed for you(to baby), give them their wages”. [Surat al-Talaq: 6]

The Conclusion:

Husbands and wives must respect each other’s rights for a happy home environment. For this, deal with good manners, gentleness and sweet language. If something unpleasant happens, bear it. Especially men have a duty to show patience. A woman is weak and emotional by nature, let alone her weakness. The Holy Prophet (SAW) in his farewell sermon gave special emphasis and testimony about women. If the husband’s financial situation is unsatisfactory. Then the wife has a duty to cooperate with him and to be content with a simple life instead of luxury.

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