Rights of Women Islam

Islam is a manifestation of human nature, according to which all human beings are equal in terms of basic rights. It is the only religion that has taken woman out of humiliation and degraded her and given her the dignity of humanity whereas in other religions before Islam, woman was considered a symbol of humiliation, disgrace


Islam gives a woman the right to inherit as well as men. It is stated in Qur’an that women have a share in the inheritance of parents. Islam also gives a woman the shares in the inheritance in different ways such a wife, mother sister and daughter.
Allah says in the Holy Qur’an:

For men there is a portion of (inheritance) left by fathers and relatives, and for women there is a portion of what parents and relatives leave behind, whether the inheritance is more or less. (Allah has made this) a fixed portion.(Al-Nisan 4:7)


Islam gives a woman the right to choose her partner of her own well. Its purpose is to make human life peaceful and lasting. Islam gives much importance to the well being of a marriage. Islam doesn’t allow to force women to marry against their wishes. A widow or a divorcee should not be married unless their consent is obtained.


Both Quran and Sunnah emphsize the rights of women and men to attain knowledge equally.The prophet also said “If a daughter is born to a person and he takes care of her, grows up her, gives her better education and teaches her moral lessons as well arts of life. I will stand there between him and fire of hell.”


In Islam woman has right to buy and sell property. She also has right to earn money and spend it according to her own well. She attains this right whether a woman is single or married. It acknowledges and enforces the right of women to participate in various economic activities.



Islam allows women to work and have a job outside the home as long as the external work does not interfere with her home obligations and lower her dignity. Hazart Muhammad (SAW) said: Best earning is that which a person obtains from his own work/labor.


Just as Islam has given men the right to divorce, so has it given women the right to divorce. If the husband and wife fear that the rights and obligations of God Almighty will not be fulfilled, then by mutual consent it may happen that the wife will get a divorce by paying some compensation to her husband. The Qur’an says: “If you fear that the two of you will not be able to stand within the limits of Allah, then there is no problem in the matter between them that a woman may give something and get a divorce from her husband. There are limits, so do not step outside of them and stay within your limits. Whoever goes beyond the limits set by Allah, then there are those who are unjust” (Al-Baqarah: 229).


As one studies the Qur’an and Hadith, it is clear that women’s avail all kind of rights. In short women are honored by Islam. A woman has right to marry with the person of her own choice, she has right to buy and sell her own property, She has shares in inherit from her parent, husband and close relatives. A woman has a right of khula to dissolve her marriage as a man has the right to divorce.

There is a need to recognize the rights that women have been given by Islam because Islam has protected the rights of women above all religions and to protect all aspects of women’s rights and duties in all spheres. Has ordered However, it is based on the fact that women have to be equipped with modern and modern education in line with modern requirements for their rights and protection, which is an important requirement of the present century.

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