Who is Imam Mahdi

Muslims have a firm belief in the day of judgment. The day of judgment is that day when this world is going to be resurrected for judgment. On the day of judgment, Allah will announce punishments and rewards according to one’s acts. Nobody knows about the timing of the Qayamah but our Holy Prophet have told there Ummah about the signs of Qayamah. A number of the signs of Qayamah are minor and a few are major(Dajjal, Yajooj and Majooj, sunrise from west etc.) The arrival of Imam Mehdi is also one of the major signs and symptoms of Qayamah.

Biography of Imam Mehdi:

When there’ll be no peace left for the Muslims within the planet, oppression and injustice will be served everywhere, the entire world will be at war. Indeed that hour will be closer to doomsday. At that time, to determine peace and an Islamic caliphate in the world, Allah will send a good man who will end the oppression from all over the globe and can rule the  world as a caliph— one world, one leader. That great man is Imam Al Mehdi. The Prophet Muhammad said, “the Mehdi will appear in my ummah. He will emerge for a minimum of seven or a maximum of nine years ; at that time, my ummah will experience a plentiful favor like never before.” It shall have an excellent abundance of food ,of which it needn’t save anything ,and the wealth at that point is in great quantities, specified if a person asks Mehdi to provide some ,and the Mehdi (as) will say: Here! Take! “.

Imam Mehdi according to Ahadith’s:

Hazrat Mehdi will come to help the Muslims. He are going to be the Prophet’s PBUH family, the descendants of Fatimah. The Prophet Muhammad said, “the world won’t perish until a person among the Arabs appears whose name matches my name”. His name is going to be Muhammad, mother Amna, and his father Abdullah. There’ll be seven Islamic scholars from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, Syria, Morocco, Algeria, Uzbekistan, and Sudan, who are going to be in search of Mehdi and at last, they will find him in Mecca thus, all of them will pledge on Mehdi’s hand and can take an oath to help to establish an Islamic empire at the price of their lives.

Military Power of Imam Mehdi:

The Muslims of the planet will support Imam Al Mehdi and everyone will gather under the only flag of Mehdi. Imam Mehdi  will fight with three powerful religions, Christianity, Judaism and Polytheists. Imam Mehdi will have a military comprising of 12000, which can not be defeated. There is also a hadith that says” the number of twelve thousand can not be defeated due to quantity.” And they will fight against 960000 European soldiers. There will be 12 flags and 80000 unit of Christian soldiers will be standing under each flag. Imam Mehdi will fight for Muslims against different enemies and he will spread peace throughout the world. Muslims will keep all their precious belongings in Mehdi’s feet for the sake of Islam. He will be the one who will finish Dajjal.

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