Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Importance of Sending Durood and Salam on prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

There is a possibility of acceptance and non-acceptance in all acts of worship. But sending durood on the Holy Prophet (SAW) is always accept. Durood and Salam on prophet Muhammad (SAW) means that we pray for our prophet. We know that Allah Almighty has forgiven all prophets. But with the help of sending durood and salaam our position and good deeds will increase. Which is a source of forgiveness. This worship of us sinners will accept In Sha Allah despite the poor payment. Durood and Salam is a very high-level prayer in the presence of Allah Almighty. Allah Almighty Himself has given this command in the Holy Qur’an in a very loving and effective manner. The Allah Almighty says: “Indeed, Allah and His angels send Durood on the Prophet. O you who believe! Send Durood and Salaam upon him”. [Al-Ahzab : 56]

Importance of Durood and Salam:

Allah Almighty has given many commands in the Holy Qur’an, praised many prophets, and honored them. He created Adam (peace be upon him) and commanded the angels to prostrate before him. But he did not say in any honor that I do this and you do it too. This verse is a clear Naat of the Blessed Sayyid Al-Mursalin. In which it is said that Allah Almighty bestows mercy on His Beloved, and the angels also pray for your mercy. O Muslims! You also send durood and salam upon him, that is, pray for mercy and peace.

Increase in Reward:

It is narrated on the authority of Abu Hurayrah that the Holy Prophet said: “Whoever recites Durood on me once, Allah Almighty sends Durood on him 10 times.” [Sahih Muslim]

Sins will forgive:

In a narration of  Hazrat Ubayy ibn Ka’b asked the Holy Prophet (SAW): “What would happen if I spent all my time in Durood Sharif? The Holy Prophet said: “In that case, all your deeds will be sufficient and your sins will be forgiven.” [al-Tirmidhi]

Duas  Accepted:

Umar (RA) narrated that he said: “The dua stays between the heavens and the earth. It does not go up until he sends durood on the Holy Prophet.”  [Jami ‘al-Tirmidhi].

So it is clear from this instruction of Hazrat Umar that Durood and salaam should be sent on the Prophet even after Dua. And this is a special means of accepting dua.

Elevation of Status:

It is narrated on the authority of Anas that The Holy Prophet said: “Whoever sends a Durood on me, Allah sends 10 times Durood on him and his 10 sins are forgiven and his 10 degrees are raised.” [Sunan Nisa’i].

Vicinity of Muhammad(SAW) :

Hazrat Abdullah bin Masood has narrated that the Holy Prophet said: “Undoubtedly, he will be closer to me at every opportunity on the Day of Resurrection. Who will recite Durood on me frequently”. (Tirmidhi).

Source of Blessings:

Hazrat Abdul Rahman bin Awf has narrated that: “Once Rasoolullah went out and reached a palm grove. There he fell into prostration and remained in prostration for a long time. Until I feared that Allah had taken his soul. I went to you and looked carefully. He raised his head in blessed prostration and said to me: What is the matter and what do you worry? I said that I was suspicious of you for not raising your head from prostration for a long time. That’s why I was watching you. He said: Gabriel (peace be upon him) came and said, “I give glad tidings. Allah has commanded that whoever sends Durood on you, I will send Durood on him. And whoever sends Salam on you, I will send Salam on him.”

Disadvantages of not reciting Durood Sharif:

While the virtues of reciting Durood have been mentioned in the hadiths. The promises of not reciting Durood-e-Pak have also mentioned. Here are two of them:

(1) It narrated on the authority of Hazrat Jabir that the Messenger of Allah said: “The person before whom I mentioned. And he did not recite Durood on me. He is unlucky (May Allah destroye that person)”.

(2) Hazrat Abu Hurayrah has narrated that the Prophet (SAW) said: “Those who sit in a meeting and do not mention Allah in it and do not recite Durood on His Prophet. Then (on the Day of Resurrection) their meeting will be a cause of regret for them. If Allah wishes, He will punish them and if He wills, He will forgive them”.
[Sunan Al-Tirmidhi]


Praying Durood-e-Pak is one of the greatest blessings and the best of deeds. May Allah keep us in those people who send durood on The Prophet (SAW) frequently. Also advise to other people for sending durood and salaam because this is our responsibility to fulfill it with a beautiful way.

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