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Islam - the most widely adopted religion centered on the Quran and the teachings of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The followers of Islam are called Muslims. Their number approximately more than two billion in the world. After Christians, Muslims are the world’s second-largest religious population.

Learning Islam courses online can help you develop primary beliefs and principles of Islam in your life. Our Islamic tutors online have good knowledge of the Quran and Sunnah. Learning Islamic questions and answers are free resources available about different Islamic topics.

With the advancement of technology, free Islamic courses are convenient and available from the comfort of your home.

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Islamic Studies Curriculum of SuffaQuran

Muslim parent must familiarize their children with the teachings of Islam at the very beginning. Because we are living in a world where evils are propagated everywhere. Therefore, it’s your children’s right to learn Islam and understand the purpose of life.

At SuffaQuran, we understand that parents face challenges for their kids in non-Muslim countries how to raise them according to Islamic rules. Our dedicated team has developed and designed a series of free Islamic courses online.

You will guided through different ways with Islamic text. And, it will enable you to explore the Quran and Sunnah in the future. The well-featured curriculum and best Islamic scholars will make you a productive member of society.

Let’s explore the Effective and Personalized Islamic learning courses mentioned below.

Course 1:

Islamic Ethics & Manners

In this course, you will learn good and bad habits, respect for parents and elders, brotherhood and unity, and ethics of eating, drinking, and sleeping.

Course 2:

Islamic Beliefs

Learn what Muslims should believe in? Muslims believe in Allah, Angels, Books, Scriptures, Prophets, Al-Qadr, and Judgment Day.

Course 3:

Islamic Studies

Learn how our lives should be according to the commands of Allah (SWT), the Sunnah of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH). And, principles of Islam according to different aspects.

Course 4:

Islamic Classes for Kids

Due to the advancement of technology, Islamic online classes for kids are a great revolution in their lives. The Islam classes are for kids with fun and love.

Course 5:

Islamic Supplication

Learning daily Islamic supplications is very important and compulsory for Muslim men and women. These supplications are mentioned in the Quran and authentic books of Hadiths.

Course 6:

Pillars of Islam

Our Deen is called Islam. Learning pillars of Islam include Shahadah (Tawhid), Salah (Prayer), Sawm (Fasting), Zakah (Charity), and Hajj (Pilgrimage). Islam is the true religion of Allah (SWT).

Course 7:

Islamic History

Learn when and where Islam originated. Learn the stories of prophets, stories of prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and his companions. Learn why Islam is the most popular and fast-growing religion.

Allah has prescribed and named our Deen, Islam. Islam is the peaceful religion of the world.

Let’s explore some of the benefits and importance of learning Islamic education online.

Benefits of Learning Islamic Courses Online


Study the previous religions, ummah, and the holy books and scriptures.


Explore the history of Islam, the Quran, Sunnah, and Shariah.


Learning the history early of Islam.


To learn the responsibilities of Muslim ummah


To study the Hadiths of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) with the lifestyle of their companions.


Understand the righteous path for social development.


Spiritual development to get close to Allah (STW).

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We are always happy to help you through Learning the Quran Online. Professional male and female Arab Quran tutors tell you exactly what you need to do to learn the Quran, Islam, Tajweed, and Arabic online at home.

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