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You can learn Arabic online at SuffaQuran having the most comprehensive courses delivered at your convenient time with the help of professional and qualified Native Arabic speakers. Understanding and knowing the knowledge of the Arabic language is a basic tool and too much important for learning the actual meaning and summary of the Quran and Hadiths. They will teach you how to communicate in Arabic by giving its meaning and how to become a good speaker of the Arabic Language. You will feel like these are physical classes where you will be able to discuss any topic related to the Arabic language and its grammar with your concerned teacher.

The script of the Arabic language is matching with Urdu and Parsi languages. The actual script reads from the right to left with an alphabet containing 28 consonants. There are various types of Arabic script but the best known are “Thuluth” and “Kufic”. This is the language of the Arabic world. And Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) is the official language throughout the Arab world. But out of the Arabic world, most people like and wish to speak in Non-Arabic countries because once a time it was the international language. This is the need of Non-Arab countries also for the school studies, job seeking, and for promoting business by vising Arab countries.

SuffaQuran understands the importance to learn Quran online and we have explored countless Arabic learning tools to deliver the very best qualitative classes. In fact, there are many institutes and personally, teachers who teach Arabic online but the most important tool for learning of any language is Writing, Speaking, Reading, and Listening which you will find here. That’s why we have hired very professional teachers from Egypt, Saudia Arab, Jordan, and Pakistan as well for the purpose to give quality education to our students. Which is the Uganda and Mission of SuffaQuran? We offer online Arabic courses for females too with female Arabic speakers.

SuffaQuran has specially designed courses for kids with their samples and pictures which is an interesting way of learning. When starting this course and then recite the Holy Quran you will be able to understand the meaning of every single word and then making sentences. You will be able to memorize the Quran easily and faster because you will know the origin of words and descriptions.

Join us for three days of demonstration classes where you are allowed to take three days of free classes for your satisfaction with our teachers, timing managing and curriculum, etc.

Learn Arabic Language Online With Native Arabic Tutors

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Importance of
Learning Arabic Language

Arabic is the very ancient and the oldest language of the world but still exists now. It is a Semitic language originating from the Arabian peninsula that first emerged in the 1st to 4th centuries, when the Muslim world expanded, Arabic spread into Africa and Asia. Arabic is not only a language like others but this language has a better and strong relationship with the religion Islam. Arabic exists and develops as soon as Islam – one of the famous and biggest religions in the world therefore many people learn Arabic for a religious motive.

  • All the messengers of Allah have been sent having the Arabic language start from the prophet Adam (PBUH) to the last prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
  • Allah has revealed all Books and Treatises in the Arabic language and was written in Arabic also. Furthermore, Hadiths of the prophet was written in Arabic and most books explaining the interpretations of these sources are written in the Arabic language.
  • Muslims will speak the Arabic language in the Jannah (paradise). People will be able to communicate in Arabic with each and every one.
  • Very important for school going students. Require it for career needs, higher studies, and job seeking.
  • When you visit Arab countries, it’s important to learn and then you will be able to speak Arabic for buying something, asking for direction, getting help from someone, and or anything for that verbal exchange requires.
  • The Arabic language cannot be separated from Islam because the Quran revealed in Arabic therefore it is the main language of Islam. It is a key to understand Islam and it’s holy tenets.
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Online Arabic

We offer a variety of courses for different age groups to learn Arabic online. On the demands of parents and students, our qualified native Arabic teachers can start more than mentioned lessons.

Beginners Arabic

Learn the basics of the Arabic language if you are newcomers.

Intermediate Arabic

Designed for those who know a little about the Arabic language.

Advance Arabic

Designed for those who can read and understand Arabic texts.

Premium Arabic

This includes tests and certificates for a specific level. Full access to all our Arabic courses.

Arabic For Tourists

Specially designed for tourists and businesses doing in Arab countries.

Additional Program

Arabic word trainer. A guide to writing Arabic. Arabic grammar explorer.

How to Learn
Arabic Online?

  1. All male, female, kids, and adults having age the same or greater than 5 years can start this course just by filling the form to book for free trial classes.
  2. As soon as we receive your request, our representative will contact you for fixing the timing for free trials.
  3. On the successful completion of free trials, you can start your regular classes anytime.
  4. All you need is a Laptop/Computer/iPad, internet access, and software like Skype and Zoom.


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