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SuffaQuran offers online Islamic teachings curriculum to learn Islamic studies from the comfort of your home. This is a complementary course and specially designed for adults for kids. Because gaining and getting of Islamic knowledge is obligatory upon every Muslim and its learning and teaching to others is premier. Therefore, to perform the responsibility as parents and get success in this life and also hereafter one must complete this course because the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had great stress to learn Islamic knowledge. He said,
Seeking knowledge is obligatory upon every Muslim.

As most of the new Muslim generation have no idea about our religion, they do not have a true picture of Islam in their mind and no general lifestyle according to the prophet Muhammad (PBUH). There are many questions that arise in every person’s mind but no one has a better solution and answer. For example: From where we came? From what we made? Why we created? How to get success? What is real success? Where we will go? Situations hereafter? A lot of other questions arise. SuffaQuran has better solutions to those questions and we understand the importance of Islamic teaching online at home therefore it’s very important for each and everyone to apply for and learn as soon as possible.

SuffaQuran offers Islamic teachings online classes but these are just like physical classes where you and the teacher can discuss any topic related to Islam directly in 1-1 live session. We advise to all parents and guardian about their children not to get knowledge from an unregistered institute and unauthorized teacher or any other source because most people are saying that everything is available on the internet, we can read and learn anything but its not fulfill, not a good idea and no reality of satisfaction. Who are they? How they teach you? Why they teach you? Therefore, we want to make sure that we have a registered institute, graduated teachers, and have designed many courses for different age groups. Just come and see how we offer for free.

Islamic teachings online is a regular course we offer. And we can also discuss in general with many other courses. In today’s digital life, most people have a very busy schedule due to job or business activities and home responsibilities but no one can refuse Islamic studies. SuffaQuran has specially designed many Islamic courses and has started a project for those who are doing jobs, business, or school going students can also apply for. We also have female Islamic scholars available for kids and females. This is a great opportunity for all males and females so, don’t miss this opportunity to learn Islamic teachings online through qualified instructors.

We have covered all the topics required for student’s grooming and increasing their spiritual level. This is the age of new technology and fast communication therefore do not go outside for learning Islamic studies or any other course rather than it. The teacher will discuss a topic, at the end you can ask the questions also about the principles of shariah or any other Islamic issue. Join us today what your question is and what you need?

Why Learn Quran Online at SuffaQuran

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Learning Goals
of Islamic Teaching

We have designed a series of Islamic studies for kids and adults also depends upon the age of the student. Some of the basic learning goals of Islamic teaching given below which are not enough, they may increase.

  • Introduction of Islam
  • History of Islam
  • Four Revealed Books of Allah
  • Stories of the prophets
  • Prophet Muhammad: His Biography and Family
  • Angles of Allah
  • Rights of women in Islam
  • The Islamic system of society
  • Basics of Islam: The Five “Pillars” of Islam
  • Daily Life of a Muslim
  • Daily Sunnah Supplications (Duas)
  • Six Articles of Faith

Eligibility For
Enrolment This Course

  1. All males and females can start this course, no matter what their age is. One can learn and complete this course easily without learning any other course.
  2. One can add children because of specially designed courses available for kids as a complementary course because grooming of new generation is very important.
  3. Female Islamic scholars also available for kids and female only, to spread knowledge of the Quran, Shariah principles, and Hadiths of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH)to the whole world.


Procedure To Join This Course

  1. Everyone can join this course just by filling the form for booking FREE trial classes.
  2. As soon as we receive your request, the representative team of suffaQuran will contact you to fix the timing for free trial classes.
  3. After the completion of three trials, you can continue your regular and permanent classes anytime.


Learn Quran Online For Beginners New Students
online islamic courses

No Refuse of
Islamic Teachings Online

  • Allah’s Command
  • Principles of Shariah
  • Hadiths of the Prophet
  • History of Islam

Levels of Islamic Teaching

We have designed the most important Islamic lessons and a series of Islamic knowledge that improve student’s Quran recitation and tajweed skills also. Besides this, we are teaching these courses according to the school level as well.

Level One

Learn Islamic studies for school going students and kids are divided into different groups. Some of them are given below in a list.
  • Islamic knowledge Pre-school
    Age 4-5 Years
  •  Islamic Studies Grade 1
  •  Islamic Studies Grade 2
  • Islamic Studies Grade 3
  • Islamic Studies Grade 4
  • Islamic Studies Grade 5
Learn Islam Online

Level Two

Learn Islamic studies for adult men and women are divided into
different groups. Some of them are given below.


Discussion of various issues related to Islamic Law. Fraize, Wajib, Sunnats, and Makrooh.


Faith in Allah and Tawhid, Angles, Revealed Books, respected prophets, and Day of Judgement.


This is the indirect speech and conversation of Allah Almighty through the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).


History of the complete past of Islam from the start of creation until the current situations.


Value of women before. Rights and values of women in Islam. Comparing with other religions.


Total No. Of Allah’s messenger. Duty of the prophets. Lifestyle and their vision and mission in their lives.

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