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Now Register your kids and adults at SuffaQuran for continuing your Online Quran and Islamic Classes regularly at your convenient time.
A professional team available 24/7. Modern and latest technologies for you. Native Arab and Non-Arab professional male and female Quran teachers and Islamic scholars.

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    Registration Form Online Quran Academy

    Vital Processed

    • One to One live classes at your selected time.
    • 3-days FREE Trial classes for the satisfaction of all students.
    • Personal teachers for each and every student.
    • Supervisor overall teachers to judge their class quality.
    • Professional and Cooperative Admin and staff members.
    • Classes at your convenient time and days.
    • Special offer for financially unstable families.
    • 10% off a package for more than one student of the family.
    • Monthly analysis and result announcement.
    • Professional, smart work, and well-qualified teachers.
    • Native Arab and Non Arab teachers.
    • Female Teachers are available for kids and women only.
    • Ready-made materials are available for classes.
    • Classes should be taken on the basis of lesson plans.

    Online Quran Academy Courses Outline

    What we offer?
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    Quran Foundation

    The basic step of the Quran. Plays Fundamental
    a role for all other courses.

    Quran with Tajweed

    Learn Quran with correct pronunciation
    and Tajweed rules.

    Quran Memorization

    Step by step reading and finally memorizing
    the holy Quran.

    Quran with Translation

    Learn to read the holy Quran with it’s
    meaning and explanation.

    Learn Arabic Online

    Learn Arabic online at home for studies,
    job seeking or tours.

    Online Islamic Studies

    Learn Islamic history, prophets
    stories and essential Duas.

    Monthly Packages
    Affordable Tution Fee

    2 Days Weekly
    8 Classes Monthly
    Time: 30 minutes
    Cost per Month
    $55 AUD
    $40 USD
    £ 30 GBP
    3 Days Weekly
    12 Classes Monthly
    Time: 30 minutes
    Cost per Month
    $ 70 AUD
    $ 50 USD
    £ 40 GBP
    4 Days Weekly
    16 Classes Monthly
    Time: 30 minutes
    Cost per Month
    $ 90 AUD
    $ 65 USD
    £ 50 GBP
    5 Days Weekly
    20 Classes Monthly
    Time: 30 minutes
    Cost per Month
    $ 110 AUD
    $ 75 USD
    £ 60 GBP