Learn Quran online with Tajweed

Anyone who has completed the Qaida Noorania course can star this course and this is a great opportunity for all to learn and read the holy Quran with correct pronunciation and rules of tajweed in Arabic properly. One can find the qualified Quran teachers here at Suffa online Quran Academy for beginners and advanced-level students of all ages who can speak English and Arabic fluently at the same time. In this course teacher will help you to correct the mistakes while reciting the Holy Quran and improves your recitation skills with fluently and accurately.

Now you and your kids can gain precious knowledge at your home in front of your eyes, so you don’t need to drive your children far away to an institute or Masjid to learn the Holy Quran with tajweed. You ca get free trial and see how these Quran with Tajweed classes so get register for free three days trial and see for yourself-contact us now for any further assistance.

Most of the Muslims are not able to recite the holy quran with tajweed because they have no attention to this side. Most of them even don’t know what Tajweed is? And why it’s so important for correct recitation of Quran? However, it is obligatory upon us to learn Quran with tajweed beacause this is the holy Book from Allah Almighty side and it’s the order to all mankind so that we recite the Quran in the way it was revealed. In the holy Quran Allah (SWT) says;

“and recite the Quran with tarteel (in a distinct and measured tone)”.

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