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Thank you for visiting our site! We’re happy that you’re here. We understand the need of quality education because most of the parents searching for a good, trustful, professional, qualified, and expert Quran teacher and Islamic scholar to educated their kids politely. Therefore, SuffaQuran ensures that you’re at the right place if you’re looking for such online Quran teachers or Islamic scholar. To be a Quran tutor at SuffaQuran is a special honor and good luck because we have no compromise upon the selection of teachers. As online Quran teaching is a tough, complicated and difficult job therefore they’re passing through a long process of selection in which we conduct a test, checking all their documents and call them for interviews.

SuffaQuran understands the importance of the Holy Quran, Tajweed, and Qirat courses. We understand that the online Quran teachers play a very important role in developing students professionally, qualitative, and making their recitation’s skills best for learning the holy Quran with correct pronunciation and fluently. That’s why we hire very professional, qualified, and expert Quran teachers for students from the very prestigious Islamic universities and Islamic institutes worldwide. We hire separate teachers for those who want to learn Quran related courses like; Quran Memorization, Quran Foundation, Quran with Tajweed, Tafseer-e-Quran. We hire Islamic scholars also for those who want to learn Islamic studies like; the history of Islam, stories of prophets, Muslim Women, Sunnat of Jummah, etc.

SuffaQuran offers you an opportunity to increase your recitation skills, knowledge, and spiritual level.  We offer online Quran courses for different students depending upon their age and each of these group required own teacher with similar and some extra qualities. Our teachers guide the students especially kids how to read Arabic letters (Alphabets) with their basic qualities and characteristics.

We summarized with details some basic qualities of our teachers. Without a doubt, every teacher is different but the teacher must possess the following qualities.


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Essential Qualities of Our Quran Teachers

Excellent Communication Skills

SuffaQuran ensures you about the selection of teachers, we hire only those who have excellent communication skills. This is because we understand that communicate effectively is perhaps the most important of all life skills. Due to this quality, our teachers show respect, empathy, confidence, and friendliness with all students. With the help of this quality, our teachers can deliver and demonstrate the lesson in a short time. And we practice permanently with teachers to improve more because it takes time to become master.

Polite and Patience

Our teaching staff is a role model for polite behavior. They can speak in a kind tone to kids to deliver the lesson and make requests, not threats. As it is not always easy to be patient with kids but this is the responsibility of our online Quran teachers to practice, polish, and to model appropriate behavior.  They will teach your kids with pleasing and thanks because most of the parents don’t want to be strict with their children. In the holy Quran Allah Almighty emphasized patience in all situations. We will keep this modeling until this behavior becomes natural in the child. We believe that the best Quran teachers are those who are very polite and patient with all students, especially with kids.

Punctuality & Time Management

In this busy life punctuality and time management is key to success. According to William Shakespeare, it is “Best to arrive three hours earlier than a minute too late”. Islam also teaches us to be punctual because punctuality is a serious issue within education. We believe that teacher’s punctuality is on top of all. We make sure that every teacher of SuffaQuran is ready at your selected fixed time because we have online services and available 24/7. And also we expect all our students to come on your own time for classes.

Excellent Tajweed and Recitation Skills

As we hire all Quran and Arabic teachers around the world therefore we select those who have excellent and best recitation skills and Tajweed knowledge because if our teachers are role models and good reciters, automatically this quality transfer to all our students. We understand the importance of correct pronunciations especially for kids and beginners who don’t know even about Tajweed. Students understand their lesson clearly in a short time with instructive mode.  Because recitation is the best way to ensure a student truly knows the material.

Well Trained and Expert

At Suffa Online Quran Academy, we hire teachers having one year or more experience therefore they are well trained, expert, and experienced teachers because each child is different from others and required similar qualities teacher. As teaching is a skill that gains with more practice. Quality education depends upon the training and practice not only on experience. We have arranged teacher’s conductive programs, many tasks and activities offered to updates them about the new teaching methodologies because we understand how effective and trained capable teachers can improve student’s performance.

Command Over the Subject

Knowledge and command over the subject is the most important quality of our teachers. Teaching is a knowledge-rich profession with teachers as ‘learning specialists’. Teacher knowledge is a key factor in teacher professionalism. For investigating teacher knowledge is to improve student outcomes. All of our teachers have enough knowledge and excellent Tajweed skills. We have Arabic and Non-Arabic teachers who have full command on writing, reading, listening, and speaking of the Arabic language. Because we don’t compromise with any teacher about the knowledge of subjects which they teach.

Organization Skills

This is the quality most teachers struggle with. It entails proper time and works planning. All our teachers have an organized way of teaching. And all our classes are based on the lesson plans. The teaching of a lesson involves factors like lesson structure, time management, and lesson outcomes. Teachers having this quality would be unique in his/her field. We make sure that just come and see how we do?

Trustworthy Teachers

It’s a great challenge for teachers to gain students and parents attention. All our teachers are trustworthy because at the time of selection we point out all these which is better for our students. Our teachers will not share your personal or Non-personal identification information. We expect all our students that they will not share their information with any teacher.

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Frequently Asked

Duration of One-One class in 30 minutes for each student. It can be increased up to 45 minutes on the demand of students and parents. And it also depends upon the course which a student wants to learn.

Yes, you can choose time and days for FREE Trials and also for regular classes because our teachers are responsible and available 24 hours at all seven days. We give priority to your decision.

Due to any serious problem, if you missed a class. You should inform us 30 minutes before starting your class time. Our tutors will take makeup classes at a late time when regular classes finished. Another teacher can also take your make up class according to the availability.

Due to any serious problem, if your teacher absents he must inform you 30 minutes before starting your class. OR our representative team will contact you about the teacher’s absence.

If your teacher came late even after 5 minutes of your class time, you can feel free to contact us through the following or using the contact us form.

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