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Online Quran Teaching Academy for Kids and Adults

Online Quran teaching has made it easier for you to learn the Holy Quran through an online Quran teachers and tutors. Realizing the importance of online learning. All our online Quran teachers and tutors are tested and certified. SuffaQuran provides online Quran tutors for kids and people of all ages. Therefore, we have both male and female Quran tutors to teach Islamic education to all Muslims. Our online Quran teachers and tutors deliver one-one live classes to you at your home. The Holy Quran has completely discussed every aspect of human life. Hence, It is very important to transfer the teachings of Islam from one generation to another generation. As it is the responsibility that was performed by angles and prophets.

It is the responsibility of parents to find a reliable and best online Quran teacher tutor for their children. Therefore, we have a team of professional, practical, and punctual online Quran teachers for this objective. Our online Quran teachers use modern teaching methods to effectively teach lessons. SuffaQuran learning platform is suitable for individuals of all ages, school-going kids, working people, housewives, and many others. To be an Online Quran teacher is an honor.

Online Quran Teachers and Tutors
Wordwide Best Online Quran Teachers and Tutors

Wordwide Best Online Quran
Teachers and Tutors

Online Quran teaching is a tough and difficult job, but it has a lot of benefits, and it’s our responsibility. That’s why we welcome all nationalities to our Academy. SuffaQuran offers Online Quran learning nationally and internationally. So if you are living in UK, USA, Hong Kong, Canada, or Africa, no problem you will face there according to online Quran teaching services. Because our services are equally for all states and countries. We value your time and money and provide the best services. Our Quran teacher will not only teach but also help in the character building of the learners. As our online Quran tutors teach students all across the world, therefore, they can speak different languages like English, Urdu, and Arabic. All you need to do is giving us a chance to transform our words into action.

We have online Qari courses. So, choose the best and certified online Quran tutor at Suffa Online Quran Academy and learn the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah easily in a short time. Our teachers are also available to those brothers and sisters who remain busy with their daily routine. We are available to teach 24/7 to accommodate the needs of such busy people. Due to round-the-clock availability, students can select any time for taking online Quran classes. All brothers and sisters can take admission at Online Quran Academy to learn and memorize the Holy Quran properly.

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Online Quran Teaching Academy at Home. Best Online Quran Teaching
Platform at USA, CANADA, UK, AUS, and PAK

Basic Qualities of Our Qualified Online
Quran Teachers

Suffa Online Quran Academy has a team of expert female tutors for kids and female students. Now you can select the best Quran teacher at home and learn Quran online via Skype and Zoom. Quran learning is now easy for every female Muslim across the globe. Our female teachers are highly qualified and punctual to teach all types of Quran courses. They can teach in English, Arabic, and Urdu. Students residence in Western countries of the world such as the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, etc can learn from us.

Our online female teachers are excellent and outstanding for sisters and daughters. Those females who don’t want to leave their homes to go outside for learning. So We provide a Quran teacher online for them, and the teacher provides one-one online Quran classes. Thus, females of all ages, including housewives can attend online Quran classes with our Quran tutors. Therefore, we offer a huge opportunity for every female Muslim to learn the Holy Quran in their homes.

We only hire experienced and trained teachers because it is not possible for every tutor to handle kids. All the tutors are polite and deal children with love. Female tutors teach them in a friendly way so that kids do not lose their interest. Our teachers are available at the most convenient and suitable time for the students. If you also want to learn from a female tutor, contact us and learn Quran Online.

Basic Qualities of Our Qualified Online Quran Teachers

Suffa Quran Offers Basic
Classes to Learn Quran Online

Learn Qaida Noorania Online

Qaida Noorania Online

Learn Quran Reading

Learn Quran Reading

Online Quran Memorization

Online Quran Memorization

Online Tafseer Quran

Online Tafseer Quran

Online Islamic Teaching

Online Islamic Teaching

Learn Arabic Language

Learn Arabic Language

Necessary Qualification of Our Online Quran Teachers

SuffaQuran has no compromise while selecting online Quran teachers, therefore, we have a procedure
for online Quran tutors at SuffaQuran.

Online Quran teachers and Islamic scholars must be hafiz e Quran, Alim, Qari and expert in Tajweed courses.


Quran teachers must be polite and patient with everyone, specially with kids.


They must have online Quran teaching skills and knowledge.


Online Quran instructor must be graduated from well-known and recognized Islamic center/university.


All our Quran teachers must process with the seelction and checking of their documents, educational degrees and certificates.


All online Quran tutors must appear and must be under the training session arranged by SuffaQuran.

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Frequently Asked

Due to any serious problem, if you missed a class. You should inform us 30 minutes before starting the class. Our tutors will take makeup classes at a late time when regular classes finished. Another teacher may take your make up class according to the availability.

Due to any serious problem, if your teacher absences he must inform you 30 minutes before starting your class. OR our representative team will contact you about the teacher’s absence.

If your teacher came late even after 5 minutes of your class time, you can feel free to contact through the following or using the contact us form.

PAK: +92-313-963-9544
PAK: +92-348-821-0936
WhatsApp: +92-313-963-9544

Yes, we hire highly qualified and well trained female Quran teachers all over the world especially from Egypt, Saudia Arabia, Pakistan, and USA for kids and adults because most of the sisters and daughters don’t like to take the classes with male teachers and also can’t discuss female related issues with male teachers. They are highly recommended and certified teachers.

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