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Profile Overview

A Quran teacher is someone (male or female) who can guide the Quran learners to understand the personalized Quran courses by acquiring the Quran knowledge efficiently.

The more your Quranic teacher is experienced, knowledgeable, and well-trained the better and smoother your Quranic online journey would be. Because, a teacher of Quran needs to be punctual, practical, role model, and have profound knowledge of the Quran.

Are you looking for Quran tutoring online institute for your kids?

Due to advancements in technology, Quran teachers provide you with a flexible and convenient way to learn and understand the Quran online

The Quran is the last sacred Book and the beautiful words of Allah (SWT). It is therefore a great responsibility that was performed by angels and prophets in the past. To become a Quran tutor online is a great distinction, special honor, and recognition.

The Quran tutor has absorbed Noor (Light) of the Quran knowledge in their hearts. They have given their precious time to learn, read, and understand the Quran to increase their spirituality. As a result, they have a good connection and relationship with Allah Almighty.

We understand that Quran knowledge transfers from one heart to another heart. Therefore, you can learn the Quran lessons online under the supervision of spiritual Quran tutors.

Attributes of SuffaQuran’s Teachers Online

At SuffaQuran, we teach Quran, Islamic lessons, Tajweed courses, and Arabic lessons online. And, we understand that responsible, passionate, and well-trained Quran teachers online are the need of our Muslim community now.

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said;

“The Best among you are those who learned the Quran and teach it to others". 

We have dedicated ourselves and adopted this responsibility to hire best Quran teacher online that can fulfill the needs of our students according to different aspects.

Here are some attributes and qualities our Quran teachers must have.

1. Enough Quran Knowledge

Having good and enough knowledge of the Quran courses is the foremost quality for teaching Quran. Someone having good knowledge of the Quran is considered famous and respectable. Although they are great scholars, yet they consider themselves the Quran students still. We hie online Quran tutors who have deep understanding of every course of the Quran. 

 2. Excellent Quran Recitation

You know, most people love those Quran reciters who recite the Quran beautifully. At SuffaQuran, you will be guided through different techniques on how to read and recite the Quran accurately. You may love to recite the Quran like professional and famous Qari in the world. Learning excellent Quran recitation skills is a challenge for beginners. But, you will be guided through step by step In sha Allah. 

 3. Best Communication

According to the needs and responsibilities of SuffaQuran, we hire only those who are proficient in the best communication skills. We understand that teachers are the representatives of our Quran service online. So, we don’t recommend those teachers who haven’t good accents with the people. Therefore, all online Quran teachers have enough skills to communicate with students. 

 4. Well Discipline Skills

We offer the online Quran classes around the world. And, students have different schedules according to their availability. Our teachers don’t hesitate to use disciplinary measures where necessary. Management and discipline measure the strength of our services. Not even teachers, we hire the representative and customer support team only when they are supposed to be lenient, disciplined, and well-managed. 

 5. Punctuality and Availability 

In the past, Quran teaching was considered a tough and challenging task. In today’s digital age, there are numerous dedicated Quran instructors available for online Quran classes at a fixed time. According to the busy schedule of individuals, time management and punctuality are crucial. You can choose the class schedule according to your availability from the comfort of your own home. 

 6. Well Trained & Experienced 

We hire well-trained teachers having at least 2 years of experience. The well-trained and experienced teachers can deliver different interactive lessons effectively. Our main focus is on the development of teachers and a well-developed curriculum that may improve the teacher’s productivity. Finally, they will be able to deliver quality Quran lessons to your children

Necessary Qualifications of our Quran Tutors

SuffaQuran has native Arab Quran teachers from prestigious institutes around the globe because we have students from different countries and backgrounds. 

 We hire male and female Quran teachers from Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the USA, and Pakistan as well. They can speak English, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, and Pashto

We know of many scholars who didn’t get a graduate degree from any famous and distinguished university. But, they have enough knowledge of the Quran and they are shining stars of Islam

We always look forward to finding the best Quran teachers for our Quran academy. This is because to find the professionalism for the success of students

A Quran teacher with the necessary qualifications is the need of our institute

1: They must be graduated from a recognized university/institute.

 2: Have completed the Quran Hifz course and have excellent recitation skill.

 3: Must know the Quranic Arabic and Tajweed rules properly. 

 4: Having at least 2 years of teaching experience in a similar field.

 5: They would be processed through tests.

 6:  Must appear in the interview of our administrative.

 7: After their selection, they must attend training sessions conducted by SuffaQuran.

Want Quran Online Learning?

We are always happy to help you through Learning the Quran Online. Professional male and female Arab Quran tutors tell you exactly what you need to do to learn the Quran, Islam, Tajweed, and Arabic online at home.

If you want to get quality Quran education online, SuffaQuran is your best option.