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SuffaQuran Refund Policy

According to the refund policy of SuffaQuran, we respect both the time of our students and teachers as well. The refund policy provides enough flexibility to our students to arrange and reschedule the sessions for cancellations.

If you intend to cancel sessions, it is your responsibility to notify SuffaQuran before the start of the month for a full refund.

Eligibility Criteria for a Refund:

1: If the students withdraw before the start of classes and they already paid the fee in advance, we will refund the whole amount.

2: Once the classes are confirmed and you start taking a session then you intend to leave, there is no refund in such a case.

3: If we fail to provide you with classes for any reason and you have paid the fee already, you are always eligible to receive a full refund.

4: If you hold the classes for a month or more due to any reason, your balance will be counted in the next month’s classes only.

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