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Knowledge of Arabic language is a basic tool to understand the meaning of Quran and Hadiths. It can aslo be a means to have a good communication if you are looking it for speaking Arabic language. Learn Arabic online with us and see how our teachers are delivering the lesson online to make you able to read Arabic and understand the meanings as well. We will teach how to communicate in Arabic and have a fluent speech. As the need to learn Arabic is much more in Non-Arab countries. Students in school, teachers, worker and many professional are interested to learn the Arabic langauge for many reasons. They need it for their career needs, higher studies and as visitor to Arab country.

The importance of Arabic langauge for Muslims all over the world is so abvious that it doesn’t need any argument. Arabic is the language in which Allah revealed His last Divine Book; Al-Quran and it is the language of our prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his companions. That is why the Arabic language is highly credible in many parts of the world. Even the speakers of this language are respected in many parts of the world. The importance of the Arabic language stretches far beyond than that, as the Quran is in Arabic language, Arabic once learned fully and memorized can be very helpful in learning Quran.

FAQ's Suffa Online Quran Academy KPK, Pakistan

Suffaquran is a valuable online institute and have selected options courses. It would help you learn Arabic online, not only that, it offers Arabic online courses for females specially. Therefore, if you wish to learn the Arabic language, the online Arabic learning Scholars would help you to resolve all your issues regarding the language so you would be able to learn Arabic in a convenient way.

Join us for three days demonstration classes for learning Arabic online, start from now to learn and practice your reading, listening, writing and speaking skills of Arabic.

How to Join This Course?

  • You can apply by filling out the registration form.
  • As soon as we receive your request, our representative will contact you for fixing the trial classes time.
  • After the complettion of trials, you can start regular classes with us.
  • All you need a laptop/computer/ipad, internet access and latest version of Skype.

Who can Join This Course?

  • All people can apply for this course.
  • Education is not required for this course.
  • All Non-Arab people can apply to learn Arabic language going to an Arabic coutry.
  • School going people can aslo apply to learn the respected language of world.

Online Arabic Courses We Offer

The teachers and Islamic scholars at the Suffa Online Quran Academy are very professional and exters. Therefore, suffaquran offers a variety of courses to learn Arabic langauge online.

We provide Arabic courses:

Online Arabic Language- Beginners Level
Online Arabic Language- Intermediate Level
Online Arabic Language- Advance Level
Online Quranic Arabic
Arabic language for Tourists
Personalized Arabic courses

You can get more help from the selected courses we provide online where you can go forward according to your needs and desire.

3 Days Demonstration Classes

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