Female Teachers at Suffa Online Quran Academy

As the Holy Quran is the prime source of guidance for the entire humanity, particularly for the Muslims thus it is the duty of every parent to make sure that the children get correct Holy Quran education. Therefore Muslims try their best to provide the Holy Quran and Islamic education to their children. For nan-native speakers we have native Quran teachers from Arab and Egypt to teach them Quran reading with Tajweed and Islamic education online.


Female Teachers at Suffa Online Quran Academy

In Muslim society every women wants to learn from female teachers. Muslim families preffer female teachers for their daughters and sisters.  That’s why we have designed thesis online classes for your daughters at your home in a very friendly environment therefore this is the best place for Muslim girls to seek knowledge and guidance.

As suffaquran offers online Quran and Islamic classes for the women belong to UK, Canada, USA, Denmark and all other countries, therefore our teachers have the best recitation and communication skills of reading Quran with Tajweed and they can speak English, Arabic, Urdu, Punjabi, Pashto etc respectively.   

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Qualities of our Online Female Teachers

  • Female teachers at Suffa online Quran Academy are very dedicated, professional, regular, expert and punctual in Quran teaching. And they are available 24/7.
  • As our teachers are well trained therefore they can fluently speak English, Arabic Urdu etc with best communication skills. Most of the people are very satisfied from our teachers and learning as well now.
  • We have the teachers who are graduated from the well known Islamic universities of the Muslim world.
    All of these are Master degree holders in a specific subject.
  • Female teachers at suffa online Quran academy are very professional, they are making their lessons plan before starting the classes and our teachers know that time is precious of everyone therefore they have the quality of time management.

Objectives of Our Teachers

  • Make sure every Muslims residing in Non-Muslim states receive a quality education of Quran with Tajweed and other Islamic lessons online.
  • Make strong the bond of Islam in learners.
  • Make students capable of reciting the Holy Quran with correct pronunciation.
  • Guide all the learners in making the Holy Quran a part of their whole life.
  • Help the students to know the message of the Holy Quran with Tafseer.
  • Stories of the prophets and their followers.

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Quality Assurance

Alhamd-o-lillah, We have hired some supervisor to keep a full check on the tutors either they are taeching with full responsibilty or not. Supervisor will guaranteed that all the classes will be conducted on exact time. Parents can talk to supervisor at any time to know about the progress of his/her children.