Male Teachers at Suffa Online Quran Academy

You are at the right place if you are looking for an online Quran teacher to learn Quran and Islamic lessons online at home. 

We hire very professional, qualified, well trained, well experience and hard work teachers for Islamic Teaching and Quran with Tajweed. Because suffaquran understand that teacher plays a vital and important role in the student’s attitude, character and academics subjects.

Our teachers are graduated and they have ijazah (certificates) from the well known Islamic universities and Islamic centers of the Muslim world therefore they are very expert in teaching of Quran with TajweedQuran with Translation and other Islamic lessons in many languages like;  English, Urdu, Pashto, Hindi, Punjabi and Arabic.

We have well qualified teachers for children, Male, female and all adults. As leading an international Islamic institute, this is the mission of Our teachers to spread the knowledge of Quran and message of our prophet Mohammad (SAW) to the whole world. No matter what’s your age is, but you can apply for any course with low cost.

In the Holy Quran Allah Almighty says; 

“O men, there has come to you an advice from your Lord and cure for ailments of your hearts and guidance and mercy for the believers”.     |Al Quran; 10:57|

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Qualities of Our Online Male Teachers ​

Very professional, hard work and passionat teachers you will find here at suffaquran. Without a doubt, every teacher comes with his/her own unique blend of such qualities. Every teacher is different, but every good teacher at suffaquran must possess the following qualities.

1. Passion For Teaching

There are numerous ways through which this quality can manifest itself. It is easy to know when a teacher is passionate about teaching. Suffaquran understand the importance of patience for an online Quran teacher therefore we hire only those teachers who have enough this quality and we advises all it’s teachers that to be very patient with all students. Because we believe that the best online Quran tutor is one who is very polite and patient with all his students. As online teaching is a tough and complicated job but the teachers of Suffa Online Quran Academy make it easy for all students with the help of polite and patience.

2. Excellent Recitation Skills

Teachers at suffaquran are Hafiz-e-Quran, Alim, Islamic scholars which are passed through tough selection of Academy where many things of the teachers are counted i.e Documents, Certificates, Experience etc. But out of them we select those teachers who have best and excellent recitation skills for guiding the students very well. Some  people learn Quran from unexperienced teacher then it is harder to change and correct it later and also it will take twice time. All Arab and non-Arab teachers of the Muslim world at suffaquran have the best recitation skills.

3. Love For children

For most people, this is a quality that is very much over looked yet it is an equally important one of the qualities of a godd teacher. Most teachers love teaching and even love the subjects they teach, but very few members to even mention how much they love their students.
Our teachers create a friendly Islamic atmosphere with the students during one-one live classes so that the teacher convey the message the and important points of a topic to students and they will be able to gain easily.

4. Command over Subject

It’s very important and essential quality of our online Quran teachers. Through the tough selection of Suffa Online Quran Academy, all our teachers have excellent and enough knowledge and skills of the subjects they teach. Because we don’t compromise upon the knowledge of subject of any teacher. All our Quran teachers have excellent skills of modern and classical Tajweed courses and all Islamic scholars have full command over all Islamic studies. 

5. Organization Skills

Online teaching is tough job because teaching is a skill which gain with practice and it’s not the profession of everyone. But all our teachers have the quality of leadership,time management and they make their lessons plan before strating the classes. This is a quality most teacher struggle with. It entails proper time and work planning. And you will find such kind of tutors here at Suffa Online Quran Academy

6. Expert in Tajweed course

All arab and non-Arab male Quran teachers and Islamic scholars at Suffaquran have the best recitation skills of different modern and classical tajweed courses. They have the ability to teach different courses of Tajweed with giving relative examples because they have alot of experience and practice over the subjects they teach. 

7. Excellent communication skills:​

As Suffa online Quran academy is the leading international Islamic institute for male, female and all children. Students apply from UK, USA, Canada, Qatar, Denamrk, Norway, Australia etc so it’s extremely important for online teaching to have excellent communication skills of teachers. The pronunciation of our teachers is clear so that students can learn the lesson very well even at the short time of one-one live class.

8. Well Trained and Expert

We select experienced online Quran teachers and we also conduct classes for teachers training program at any time when we need to well train our teachers and update them about the new teaching methodologies and different techniques of online teaching. Our teachers know about the percentage level of all students and they adopt the simplest and effictive ways of teaching to make sure that each student gain maximum points from the teacher during a class because we know that each child is different from others and need teacher’s attention in different way.