Terms of Services for Online Quran Classes

Online Quran Teaching Terms of Service for online Quran and Arabic Courses

We are happy that you’re here. All of you’re welcome to our services and use them anytime anywhere. Thank you for being with us. We show respect to everyone. Specially those, who are using and joining our online Quran services from anywhere. So, there are few terms of services which should be followed by everyone engaged with SuffaQuran online Quran services. Therefore, read these terms and conditions carefully, you agree to be bound by these terms.

Terms of Servies for Trials and Registration:

  • If you wish to learn Quran online or any other online Islamic services, you must fill out the form for FREE trial classes. Without filling that form, you will never allowed to come for online Quran classes.
  • Upon the successful completion of FREE trials, want to continue the Quran classes or not with SuffaQuran.
  • Once you decide to be here at SuffaQuran regularly for Quran classes. Then, you must fill out the registration form and mention all details. Without registration form, not be consider online Quran students of SuffaQuran.

Terms of Services for Quran Classes Fees:

  • Once you decide to ontinue your online Quran classes, you must pay the fee at the due date. Monthly Quran fees would be paid in advance in the last week of every month for next coming month. Classes can be paused if fee not paid on the due date.
  • SuffaQuran reserves the right to paused and stop the classes if the fees not paid for more than 10 days wihtout any reason, notice and excuse.
  • According to the situations and policies of SuffaQuran, online Quran fees could be varied of that time.
  • In case you need to hold online Quran classes, and you have intention to continue the Quran classes once again with the same Quran teacher at the same time, then you will pay full fee per student for rearranging and booking of your classes with same teacher by rescheduling other students’classes. Because we can’t utilize that time for any other student.
  • According to the terms of services and conditions, SuffaQuran will increase the fee of every student of the present fee et end of year.

Terms of Services for Make up Classes:

  • If students want to cancel a class any day, they are required to inform their teacher on skype, zoom or email us 5 hours earlier to make sure their make up class.
  • If student is absent in any class due to his/her own problem, we’re not bound to arrange their make up classes.
  • There is no make up classes if a student remain absent for more than 5 days. Because, our online Quran teachers have busy schedule and cannot manage the make up classes in such cases.
  • If students don’t inform the Admin or teacher. And, remain absent (except of emergency) without any notice then class would be marked absent, no make up class and, no refund for it.
  • Eid Holidays are paid leaves from SuffaQuran side. And, there is no refund, no make up classes. Because, our Quran teachers have only Eid Holidays in whole year.
  • If parents or students have sent prior notice to teacher or Admin, then students can take make up classes for missed classes, and no refund.
  • If students remain absent for more than 10 Days without any prior notice, SuffaQuran has the right to cancel their classes. And no request would be acceptable from academy side.
  • When any teacher available, your make up classes will arrange with that teacher, if its the same or other teacher.
  • According to our policies, SuffaQuran has the right to change teacher anytime for quality base training. Because, we deliver and prefer quality Quran teaching.
  • We will provide new Quran teachers in case when the teacher regins/terminated, students are not allowed to stay in touch with any individuals. Because, in case of any damage or loss caused by such contacts in the future, SuffaQuran will not be responsible.

Terms of Service for Personal Information:

  • We try our best to protect and take care of our costumers. We have privacy policy about our costumers. Where, we protect their personal and non-personal information. Therefore, costumers are also requested not to share your information like phone number, home number, email, address, social media accounts, skype account, credit card information etc with any teacher.
  • Never share your contact and payment details with any teacher. Because in case of damage or loss of your data, SuffaQuran will not be responsible in future. And those students should be terminated and their classes will stop.
  • In case if any teacher demand for any information, just contact with Admin team of this academy.
  • These terms and conditions are applicable on all students and parents, who are using our services.
  • SuffaQuran can revise it’s terms and conditions of services anytime. And updates would be mention on website too.