Yajooj Majooj in Quran. Appearance of Yajooj Majooj

Yajooj Majooj in Quran. Appearance of Yajooj Majooj

Many stories happened in the past which are very dreadful and brute. Many nations were tyrant and wild that when  Allah Almighty send someone to end the oppression. One of the well-known stories is of the Gog and Magog (Yajooj and Majooj). Yajooj and Majooj were popular due to their barbaric acts and brutalities.

Who Are Yajooj  Majooj ?

Yajooj and Majooj were human beings, and they were very violent and barbarous. Their cruelty knew no bounds. They destroyed many tribes of Turks and made the environment fearful. Also they destroyed the Turk’s crops and made their lives a mess. They made their way through the hole of the mountain from which they came and caused a horrible environment for the people living nearby.

Learn About King  Zulqarnain:

Zulqarnain was a great Muslim King who was very powerful. He was the beloved man of Allah, and Allah sent him  for the sake of Muslims.

In Surah Al Kahf it is mentioned that Zulqarnain was traveling, and he came across the mountain where Yajooj and Majooj had made a miserable environment. The Turks begged him for help against Yajooj and Majooj. Zulqarnain decided to fill the gap with melted iron and build a strong wall between them which is very large and very strong. Then He trapped Yajooj and Majooj behind it and freed the Turks from the disaster of Yajooj and Majooj. After that, Zulqarnain said that it happened by Allah’s mercy, and also declared that Yajooj and Majooj will break the wall when the day of judgment will be near. It will happen because Allah wills it to happen.

When will Yajooj Majooj come out? 

“And when the promise of Allah approaches (Doomsday), he will level it (the barrier) to dust”. [Quran18:98]
Yajooj and Majooj are millions and billions in quantity. Hazrat Abu Huraira(R.A) narrates that Yajooj and Majooj are digging the wall every day. They make a round hole in the wall from which the sunlight can pass and they can see the light through it, then their leader tells them to let’s go to sleep, and we will continue the digging by tomorrow but when they wake up on the next day, Allah returns it to its original position. This process will continue until the day arrives when Allah wills them to release, then on that day they will say we will continue it tomorrow In Sha Allah (If Allah wills) then on the next day, they will find the wall as they had left the previous day.

Hazrat Isa (AS) will Come:

Allah will send revelation to Isa (A.S) that take my followers and go to the Mount of Tur. Yajooj and Majooj will make the environment of the world chaotic. They will kill millions of people and will destroy every source of eating and drinking. Hazrat Isa and his followers will pray to Allah and Allah will listen to their prayers and He will form an insect in the neck of Yajooj and Majooj. However, the tribes of Yajooj and Majooj will be destroyed and peace will begin again.

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